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Wake up feeling calm, alert and focused — with ~10mg of CBD in your cup.

Healing Harbors organic hemp infused coffee has been roasted in craft-sized batches exclusively for Healing Harbors — using CBD from Maine hemp plants. Our hope is that by offering you the best quality product possible, you in turn will feel empowered to share your best self with the world.

Maine is home to some world class specialty coffee roasters. Maine Coast Roast is a family owned and operated micro-roastery focused on producing only the highest quality, all natural coffee. They roast their coffee with infrared technology. As a result, it makes for a smooth, balanced and easy to digest cup of coffee.

Why Do We Infrared Roast Our Organic Hemp Infused CBD Coffee?

The typical commercial roasting process produces natural acids that can cause heartburn and upset stomach in people with sensitive stomachs. This happens because typical commercial roasters use methods that tend to “burn” the bean, with unevenness during the roasting process that doesn’t fully remove the acid producing compounds that cause us distress. For example, some roasters run the coffee beans along a conveyor belt system and blow hot air from a gas flame manifold beneath them. Kind of like how some hamburger chains cook their hamburgers. Not ideal.

But infrared roasting is a better choice, because it heats the coffee faster, more uniformly, and at relatively lower temperature than conventional hot air/flame roasters. The result is a low-acid, pleasant cup. Read more about the infrared roasting process in this article from the Maine Coast Roast experts.

Healing Harbors offers four styles of organic hemp infused coffee with approximately 10mg of CBD per cup.

  • Dark Roast / Ground – Gone forever!
  • Dark Roast / Whole Bean
  • Medium Roast / Ground – Gone forever!
  • Medium Roast / Whole Bean

hemp infused coffee