Stacy Moore, Healing Harbors Founder & CEO, CBD Entrepreneur, CBD Business IconStacy Moore is Healing Harbor’s founder. To summarize her story, here’s all you need to know: she would never write it herself. The last thing she would do is call attention to herself, taking attention away from those who need it more. So we’ll tell her story. At its heart, a story about others. Others in need, in pain, and looking for a better way.

Stacy’s journey to healing began as a journey. Life and circumstances found her on a base in remote Alaska, as a Coast Guard helicopter mechanic. Among her duties was accompanying rescue missions, bringing the injured and ill back to safety. It was both demanding and gratifying, answering dire need with expertise and compassion.

When Stacy returned home to Maine, she returned with a calling: caring for others. She completed her CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) and CRMA (Certified Residential Medication Aide) training and began a career. But along the path of becoming a traditional home caregiver, she took an untraditional turn.

Wanting to give a higher level of natural relief and wellness for the people she cared for, Stacy began taking classes in medicinal cannabis and on the endocannabinoid system. One of her patients, Beth, had urgent needs. In her early 50’s, Beth had suffered a serious stroke, leaving her with paralysis on one side of her body, requiring Stacy’s help to loosen her muscles enough to move. 

Stacy created her first product: a cannabis infused salve. Almost immediately, Beth felt a tingling in her arms, a sign that her circulation was increasing. Over time, it allowed her to do what she had thought impossible: move her affected side on her own again.

On seeing this, Stacy quickly shifted her focus to legal hemp and its most beneficial and prevalent cannabinoid — CBD — realizing that without the legal restrictions she could help many more people. She started making her own Hemp-based products, offering them to friends in need, and getting invaluable feedback in return. The results  spoke for themselves. Or rather, users spoke for themselves — with stories of re-enablement and improved quality of life. Many had used other CBD-rich products, and many reported that Stacy’s worked for them when others hadn’t.

For Stacy, it was a caregiver’s dream come true. From lifting one person’s life, she could see a path forward to caring for and helping so many more — in ways at once both seemingly small and life altering. She discovered that for people in pain, everyday activities like signing your name or working in the garden feel immensely satisfying when they’re returned — especially through natural and organic products.

Several years in the making, incorporating ever more personal feedback from so many users, Healing Harbors, Stacy’s heartfelt dream, is here for you now in many forms.

And so of course is Stacy, when you want to reach out.

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