Healing Harbors is on a personal mission. A mission you’ll find right up front on our logo, and deep in our hearts: CARE FOR EVERY BODY™

That means you, and everyone, everywhere.

We’re not out to conquer the world. We’re out to conquer pain, disability, stress, and anything else that can rob daily life of its joy. To improve quality of life.

So joyfully — in the spirit of Maine kindness and resourcefulness — we make Hemp-based and CBD infused products that are redefining what’s possible in treatment, what’s possible in result, and what’s possible beyond what we dreamed.

Our journey began several years ago: one person making one product for one person. It changed that person’s life. So it’s no surprise that from then on, Healing Harbors has been rooted in personal experiences. Both ours and yours — providing us with the gift of feedback and collaboration to adapt and perfect our products to meet your needs.

As your needs have remained great, so too has our desire to keep improving our line, developing new products, and all the while maintaining the highest standards of quality control. We use the best natural ingredients, sourced as locally as possible, creating products in craft-sized batches in our working farmhouse. We maintain strict control over strengths and purity backed by third party lab testing. Because put simply, we care deeply about your care.

And CARE FOR EVERY BODY™ isn’t just our tagline. It’s our promise to bring care to you, and our hope that you in turn feel empowered to share your better self with the world.

The Care For Every Body™ Campaign

In order to help more people in our community — starting with the great men and women who have put everything on the line to protect our freedom — we’ve launched the CARE FOR EVERY BODY™ campaign — a collaboration where you can round up every purchase made on our website to fund an account that we match dollar for dollar and use to provide products to those who need them most.

What Customers Say About Healing Harbors

Healing Harbors is veteran founded maine made and women owned