CBD personal care products like body butter for pain and inflammation relief

Our best seller is better than ever — with more CBD and the addition of CBG!

Our CBD & CBG Body Butter is handcrafted with the finest ingredients, including shea butter, chosen for its natural anti-inflammatory potential. We also blend in cocoa butter, often used for aging, infection, and to soothe burns and rashes.

To keep the goodness going strong, we infuse our Body Butter with essential oils like apricot, cinnamon, and a touch of curry — also believed to have beneficial effects — creating the warm spice scent that makes this butter extra special.

Massage all that natural goodness into your area of need, and feel Nature do great things.

CBD Body Butter

Healing Harbors was my very first experience with CBD body butter, or anything CBD related. I’ve been using their products for nearly 2 years. Torn meniscus in my right knee and a torn ligament in my shoulder. I use the butter once a day and I’m back to skiing probably 90% of my ability, and all normal functions are 100%. The folks at Healing Harbors are terrific people, and I’m very happy to support a Maine owned business.

Joe H.

I have sensitive skin and have tried so many lotions and body butters over the years, but Healing Harbors is by far the very best body butter that I have tried! The fact that it also has CBD in it is a super bonus! It works wonders on my back pain and helps with my dry skin! I use it for everything and won’t try anything else! I just ordered their essential oil roll ons so I can’t wait to try those out! I would DEFINITELY recommend their products to everyone!

C. Lacroix

I’ve been purchasing Healing Harbors products for my sister who has a very aggressive form of Parkinson’s Disease and suffers from arthritis and restless leg syndrome. The body butter gives her arthritic hands and feet relief from pain. The full plant tincture Stacy recommended has been amazing. It has helped with sleep issues and restlessness. I cannot thank Stacey and Ashley enough. Healing Harbors has been a true blessing to my family. Thank You!!!!

V. Ridley