Take a little time to get back to you. Whether dealing with aches and pains from an active lifestyle, a stressful life, the natural aging process, skin issues, or chronic pain and inflammation — chances are we have at least a few soothing CBD personal care products to help you feel like your best self again. Treat yourself or a loved one to a CBD topical!

CBD Body Butter

Our best seller, packed with goodness. Because you can’t have enough of a good thing.

Enjoy 200 milligrams of CBD per ounce — now with CBG, too — formulated to enhance bioavailability. Our specialty CBD body butter is infused with all natural ingredients that have been used throughout history to provide much needed relief for sore muscles, arthritic joints, and anywhere else your body is saying “help”.

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CBD Infused Bath Soaks

Take good care of you, and enjoy more peaceful moments.

Our 100% THC Free bath soaks feature CBD in two essential oil blends that have been designed to promote feelings of Renewal and Harmony. Use as much or as little as you like in your bath, or as a foot soak, and feel the aches and pains of daily life fade away.

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CBD & CBDVA Coffee body Scrub

Melt away the daily grind and radiate wellness from the inside out.

Our hemp-inspired twist on Body Scrub features Organic Fair Trade Coffee, Maine Wildflower Honey, plus 205mg of CBD and 145mg of CBDVA — all thought to help reduce inflammation and reinvigorate the skin — turning each use into a tightening, brightening, skin-loving ritual.

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CBD massage & body oil

Life can take a toll on your body. But we’ve got you covered.

Give yourself a well-deserved break by incorporating regular CBD infused massages into your wellness routine. Massages relax body and mind, soothe sore muscles that work so hard to support you, keep skin soft and supple — and connect you with yourself and your loved ones.

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Casco Bay Breeze CBD Soap with Kelp

handcrafted CBD soaps

You might ask how a CBD-infused soap makes any sense. Don’t the benefits just get washed away?

Here’s the deal. Warm water from your shower, bath, or sink opens your pores, creating a pathway for CBD and carefully-selected essential oils to enter your system and get to work quickly.

As fast as that is, making our hemp infused soap is just the opposite. We handcraft our soaps in our small batch kitchen — because that’s the best way to work with natural ingredients for a creamy, skin-loving soap. After all, good things take time.

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