When you include Healing Harbors CBD in your daily wellness routine, your endocannabinoid system could be a happy one, and you’ll also find that your system could be more prepared to regulate a variety of issues. The effects are most noticeable when you maintain good habits, and this is why Healing Harbors offers our Daily Defense products that provide a regular dose of Maine-grown organic hemp-derived CBD. Since these products come as both our original CBD oils and our new vegan capsules, we thought you should know what makes them unique.

What is the best way to maintain your endocannabinoid system? The way that you do every day! When you ingest CBD oils or capsules, the CBD heads to the bloodstream where it then attaches to receptors throughout the body and brain. Any remaining CBD stores in your fat cells for future use. Whether you’re using our Daily Defense  capsules or our Maine-grown CBD oil, both will help you to get your daily dose of CBD simply and effectively. However,  your personality, needs and lifestyle may lead you to prefer one over the other. 

CBD capsules offer a regular dose without measuring and the ease of simply swallowing with water as you would with other supplements. You can count on Healing Harbors Daily Defense Capsules to provide the same 50mg dose every time. Our vegan CBD capsules are portable and discrete, so you can pop some in your bag in case you forget to take your dose or are traveling and don’t want to misplace them. When CBD is consumed orally, some of it might be lost during the digestive process; however, you gain the benefit of your liver converting any unactivated CBD to CBD your body can readily use. Our CBD capsules go to work after digestion, meaning the initial effects are delayed. If a person has difficulty with swallowing pills, or desires a quick result, oils may be the better option. 

Since Healing Harbors Daily Defense CBD Oils are made for sublingual use (under the tongue), they absorb more quickly into the body and are unaffected by the digestive system. The CBD absorbs straight into the bloodstream and goes to work within 15 minutes. Speed is a great benefit of CBD oils. That said, filling a dropper is not as discrete as taking a pill. Also, for people who are not into the earthy flavor of the full plant oils, holding the liquid under the tongue for 15-30 seconds can be difficult. CBD oil also has a unique feeling that may not be your cup of tea. Of course, this is all a matter of personal taste. Some of our consumers prefer our MCT Coconut Oil and others prefer our Full Plant oil for this very reason. 

Healing Harbors Maine grown CBD products are here for you, whatever your preference. Both our capsules and oils offer the full-spectrum benefits of the entire hemp plant. For people with sensitivity to terpenes or otherwise in need of CBD only, Daily Defense Oils come in a THC Free option. You can now purchase our capsules in a convenient 30 day supply.

All of our CBD products are created with love and care. We want our friends, family and customers to have the best products and experience. So each one of our Daily Defense Oils and Capsules are crafted for you, from plant to product, using methods we trust and backed by third-party lab testing. We hope we’ve helped you choose the oil that serves you best. But if you have questions, please remember that we’re always here to help and we’d love to hear from you.