You’ve heard about all of the amazing benefits of CBD and have decided to make the move to include it as part of your wellness regimen. Great! Now it’s time to get educated on the different forms of THC free CBD you can purchase and what to consider when choosing from the array of hemp infused products on the market today. Since we care deeply about you and your health, we want to introduce you to CBD options through goods that we know and trust – our own!

CBD Edibles

Tasty, Long Lasting, Easy to Ingest

blueberries are one of the worlds most natural superfoods

Most people find that CBD infused edibles are a fantastic product for those looking to get an introduction to the world of hemp based products. Edibles are an easy way to ingest CBD, as they often take the form of a tasty treat! One of CBD edibles’ main benefits is their length effectiveness. CBD edibles remain active in the system for a longer period directly due to how the body metabolizes CBD. When CBD is consumed through the digestive tract, it interacts with enzymes and acids in the stomach. Eventually, it reaches the liver, where any CBD that was not activated by the original extracting process is activated by the liver. The time from mouth to liver delays the action, and also gives more time for full activation of the CBD infused edible before it’s absorbed. Now your endocannabinoid system can interact with the CBD and the fat cells in your body can store it, which can increase the  the effectiveness of regular doses over time. For your normal wellness routine, CBD edibles are a good option, and with our Wild Maine Blueberry Jellies, it’ll also be a tasty one! Another excellent product that can give your morning a little extra boost is our very own Maine grown CBD Infused Coffee.  

CBD Capsules 

Portable, Best for Maintenance

A well-maintained endocannabinoid system is a happy one. Keep yours balanced with hemp gel capsules. Capsules are a potent, portable option for CBD consumption on the daily. These gel shells provide a premeasured portion of either CBD oil or powder. Quality capsules always contain the same amount of CBD, enabling a consistent benefit to your body. Plus, if you are watching your weight, capsules give you the benefits of CBD infused edibles without the calories.

If capsules sound right for you, we have good news. Healing Harbors’ CBD-rich full spectrum hemp is now available in a capsule! These vegan friendly capsules feature Maine grown hemp CBD, and the best part is you can take them with you anywhere! Our capsules are portable, discrete and contain a premeasured amount of CBD in powder form. Healing Harbors’ CBD capsules are one of the easiest methods to maintain a month-long regular daily dose of 50 mg per day. 

CBD Tinctures

Fast Acting, Adjustable Dosing

If you are addressing a need that requires more immediate attention, the speed of tinctures is far faster than edibles – as little as 15 minutes from application under the tongue! The surface under the tongue is porous and absorbs CBD into the bloodstream without the need to travel through the digestive tract and into the liver first. Tinctures are also great for adjustable, personalized dosing, so you can really tune into what your body needs. Check out our CBD dosing article. Much like edibles, oils are also a great way to get CBD into your system so it can store and release over time. 

CBD Topicals

Soothing, Non-absorbing

Topicals, such as infused body butter and CBD essential oils used on the skin – are a great introduction to CBD products. CBD absorbs into the body at a low rate through the skin. What this means is, that the CBD stays in the area you are treating. CBD topicals are a great way to focus on specific points of the body that are giving you issues, as these products, like our CBD body butter naturally help to soothe inflammation, sore muscles, and help fight skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis. Not only that, these skin-soothing CBD based massage oils and lotions help build glowing, healthy skin without clogging pores. 

Healing Harbors offers many different forms of topicals for use throughout your day. Keep one of our essential oil roll-ons in your bag for a little as-needed lift. Finish your day with the relaxing scents of a Healing Harbors CBD bath bomb, a satisfying scrub with Maine-made Healing Harbors hemp infused soaps, followed by a moisturizing dose of Healing Harbors Body Butter.

Vaping CBD 

Speed, Portability

Lock & Key Remedies Signature CBD Vape Cartridges | Hemmfy

When the benefit of CBD is needed immediately, try vaping! Because vape pens convert liquid oils into vapor, it is beneficial as the CBD is absorbed through the alveoli in the lungs, making the absorption of CBD into the body instantaneous. This method is most desirable when the benefit of CBD is needed immediately, and can often have long lasting effects. 

It’s best to avoid anything but air in your lungs, but there are times when 15 minutes can feel too long. Because of the sometimes necessary “need for speed”, we are proud to promote Lock and Key Remedies’ Vape Pens. While consuming vapor through the lungs is not for everyone, it is the go-to method for quick release of CBD benefits. Lock and Key’s products are made to our own rigorous standards, using high quality CBD. Use the code HealingHarbors at checkout for 20% off your first purchase at Lock & Key Remedies!

As you can see, incorporating CBD into your self-care routine is easy, given the many options available. You can count on our pure, Maine grown hemp-derived CBD oils to provide maximum benefits anywhere, anytime of the day. We hope this helps!