The days of winter might be short on light and warmth, but you still hold the power to make every day amazing during the winter season. Healing Harbors recently came across Norway’s concept of “Koselig” and quickly realized the benefits it could bring to us and to our customers. We already work to bring warmth and love to your days with our CBD-infused products, now we want to share this concept with you and encourage you to bring contentment and peace to your winter days. Embrace winter with all of its potential.

If you had to take a moment to close your eyes, concentrate, and describe your perfect moment, your happy place — what would it be? Chances are you are with your loved ones, close to nature, warm, content, and completely relaxed. Feeling connected, warm, and content is a feeling that most likely anyone would connect to a perfect moment. The word “Koselig” is the country of Norway’s way to describe that perfectly content and cozy feeling, and it’s something Norway and other surrounding Danish countries, known for their cold weather, have all embraced in their own ways to bring happiness and warmth to their lives regardless of the weather. Norway, Finland, and Denmark are some of the happiest countries in the world and many attribute it to the way they spend their time, the way they embrace nature, and the honor they give to making time for quiet, content, and cozy pastimes.  

Could it be that they have discovered the secret to a happy life — regardless of the temperature outside? Winter weather may actually bring some relief, allowing us an excuse to slow down, to spend some quiet time indoors, a chance to recharge and cozy up with a good book, or a loved one. Winter provides us with the need to focus on creating our own warmth and light to bring a feeling of peace and contentment to our days. Additionally, winter temperatures and weather allows for some wonderful recreational opportunities, with the knowledge in our minds that when we return indoors, the warmth we will be met with will be all the more comforting. What a wonderful way to embrace the winter and all it offers, yet be allowed to slow down and enjoy the indoors and our loved ones without distraction beyond slowly allowing our bodies to warm up from the cold.

There are so many ways to practice self-care. During the long and dark winter months, it can be especially important. We encourage you to embrace winter, get outside and soak up the light when it’s there, inhale the clean, brisk air and enjoy. When the outdoor time is done, light a candle or a fire, find a good book — or a good snuggle buddy — and soak up the quiet contentment that creating our own light and warmth brings. 

Walks in nature can help you maintain a more positive outlook, and the brisk winter air is especially cleansing. Cooking your favorite foods with the ones you love creates a warm and cozy kitchen — which many say is the heart of the home. We are proud to have many wonderful CBD-infused products to help you balance your body and mind. We like to think our Maine-grown, Maine-infused products — like our Grapefruit & Maine Sea Salt soap, or our entire line of Full Plant Daily Defense Oils, for example — help you keep a little bit of summertime in Maine with you all year through. 

Healing Harbors knows how special it is to stay connected to each other, it’s a Maine tradition that we hold dear. Creating our own warmth, love, and light during the long winter months is a gift. Embracing the beautiful outdoors winter provides is a gift. The bounty that Maine’s sea and soil bring us in the summer to last us all year through is a gift. We invite you to explore the gifts of Maine and the concept of “Koselig”. Share with us on social media how you brought a little Maine “Koselig” to your day today!