It is so important to love the skin you’re in, but sometimes that skin can become itchy, dry and irritated. Are you looking for some soothing options for this irritating or even painful issue? Would you prefer to utilize a more natural, system balancing option? Skin-soothing CBD products might be the answer you’re looking for!

The loss of moisture in your skin can occur for multiple reasons and can even be more complex and painful, such as eczema, psoriasis and more. Drier air and climate and seasonal change can be a big factor in dry skin. As we age, our skin also becomes drier from loss of naturally occurring oil, skin damage, and unbalanced cell renewal. A potential overlooked cause of dry and itchy skin could be an unbalanced endocannabinoid system and hormonal imbalances. 

There can sometimes be undesirable side effects from skincare products, and steroid ointments designed to treat skin conditions. Skincare products are often synthetic and contain harmful chemicals that can be quickly absorbed into your bloodstream. Many ingredients of skincare and other beauty products are not even tested for safety but are products we apply to our skin daily. It is logical that so many consumers are seeking safer, more natural potential options for their skincare needs. Many are quickly discovering the amazing benefits of using skincare products that contain CBD for a potentially more balanced and healthy system.

Wondering why cannabinoids can be so helpful with dry, itchy skin or painful skin conditions? A possible reason for some experiencing positive benefits from CBD skincare products is that CBD is thought to balance an underfed endocannabinoid system that our body already possesses, including many receptors in our skin which is the body’s largest organ. Instead of just soothing the possible symptom of an unbalanced body, CBD body care products potentially assist with the underlying imbalance, possibly showing healthier, softer, happier skin. CBD may assist in regulating oil production, as too much or too little both can result in skin concerns from dryness to acne to eczema. CBD may be beneficial in balancing hormones, restoring your skin’s self-healing properties, or maybe even supporting your body’s cellular renewal process. CBD cream provides harmony to your endocannabinoid system, along with possible anti-inflammatory benefits and inflammation, which may be a common cause of itchy, irritated and painful skin. 

In addition, CBD body care products may be a wonderful introduction to beginning to see what CBD may do for your overall health, harmony, and wellness. There are many options for CBD support out there and body care products that are easy to use, unintimidating to apply, and have a practical benefit may be a great way to begin a body harmonizing journey. CBD lotions and creams are easy to use, no different than typical lotions. There is no harm in giving these products a try, especially when you have access to high-quality products with a combination of purely sourced CBD and other powerful and pure ingredients. 

Our favorite skin-loving CBD product? We’re torn! Ashley swears by the creamy, lathery Maine Woods or Lavender CBD soaps to help keep her sensitive skin soothed and feeling moisturized all winter long — but Stacy prefers to slather on our CBD body butter when she’s feeling dry! What about you?