It’s a busy, yet wonderful time of year. You’ve prepped, made lists, shopped, wrapped, along with everything else this season brings upon us. Or maybe this year has been made even more challenging by the loss of a person, relationship, or job. Life doesn’t stop happening as the Holidays ramp up, after all.

We think that’s why the time that we spend together — just simply being together — means so much more than any gift. We need each other. No matter what the Holidays look like for you this year, we hope that the time you spend with your loved ones will be full of love and laughter. 

The quality time you spend together might also be a good time to share your experiences with how natural, plant-based products may help improve their quality of life. To be 100% clear, we are not suggesting you turn your time together into anything resembling a sales pitch. But we would like to help you have an open, honest conversation that could be the difference between someone knowing about CBD as an option to help them feel their best, or not. 

Often there are misconceptions surrounding CBD, and sometimes this prevents someone from trying a product for themselves. Hearing from a loved one about their personal experience can ease worries and encourage exploration of what CBD may do for them. Additionally, knowing basic information about CBD and the importance of a high-quality product can be beneficial to answer questions your loved ones may have.  

Most importantly, let those interested know that CBD is entirely legal and safe. CBD is a naturally occurring compound with many perceived health benefits. CBD is derived from the hemp plant, which differs from “marijuana” because hemp plants have been cultivated for Federally legal, naturally low levels of THC — so there’s no risk of intoxication. 

It can often be comforting to discover the many options available to add CBD into their wellness routine. For example, Healing Harbors offers a range of CBD infused products for every comfort level. From ingestible options like Daily Defense Oils or Wild Maine Blueberry Jellies, to a topical, including Body Butter and Bath Bombs — there’s an option for a variety of needs and preferences and a world of other products out there, too. 

It is always best to share from your own personal experience how CBD has improved your quality of life, or perhaps your pet’s quality of life. But there are many other uses, studies and reports that can be shared with others, too. We personally love using as a research tool, because they are reputable and have a search feature to find information on specific issues that your loved ones may be looking for help with. 

Remember we are here for their questions as they arise, too. And to thank you for being an advocate for the health of your community, we’d love to encourage you to use and share the code HH15OFF with your friends and family. When entered at checkout, it will give 15% off anyone’s first order with us.