At the beginning of every year it’s really common for people to increase their physical activity as a part of their health and wellness goals. Beginning a new fitness regimen can be an exciting time, but it also comes with some potential challenges (and probably a few sore muscles!). 

At Healing Harbors, we believe CBD is a smart addition to any new fitness routine because of its potential to support you in a variety of ways.

First of all, you probably know by now that CBD is a Federally legal, non-intoxicating compound from the hemp plant — meaning that it is unable to get you “high” and doesn’t require a special medical designation or age requirement to use it. This makes it a favorite among serious and fledgling athletes alike, because they tell us they feel safe using it while pushing their bodies to new limits. Maybe this, in combination with its safety and perceived benefits, is why The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) — the organization that governs drug testing for Olympic athletes — removed CBD from its list of prohibited substances for athletes in 2018.

Not only does CBD not impair you, it has been reported by many users to support their ability to focus on their goals. For example, according to the largest CBD user study to date, CBD is thought to promote restful, restorative sleep. And when we get adequate rest our bodies are better equipped to recover from physical activity and be prepared to train again the next day. A restorative night’s sleep assists with muscle recovery, reduced pain, a better frame of mind, metabolic balance and energy to stick to your goals. 

Once momentum is high and your workouts intensify, you might begin finding yourself with sore, overworked muscle groups. One of CBD’s most popular uses is to address pain, inflammation and discomfort in our muscles. A topical CBD product with natural anti-inflammatory ingredients can be a great choice when you’re looking for targeted relief on problem areas. Try a therapeutic massage with the new Healing Harbors’ Massage & Body Oil — or take a cue from our most active customers who swear by our Recovery Bath Bomb and bestselling Body Butter. The less muscle soreness slows you down, the quicker you can return to your fitness routine and keep meeting those daily workout goals. 

A healthy mind promotes a healthy body, so finding natural ways to manage your stress and anxiety can also be an important part of staying motivated and determined. CBD has the potential to lower anxiety and stress, which can eliminate self-doubt, so you can focus on making gains in your exercise goals. Our Daily Defense Oils are a great way to get your daily dose of CBD — they come in various strengths, and you can choose between THC Free or Full Plant oil depending on your unique need and preference.

In addition to the support CBD may bring to your new fitness regimen, we recommend staying hydrated, eating a balanced and healthy diet, and giving your body adequate time to recover from each workout.
How has CBD helped you on your path to wellness? Do you incorporate CBD into your fitness regimen? Share your story with the Healing Harbors community at