Seek more opportunities to put more love in the world.
~ Marianne Williamson

We hear the phrase “life is short” often, but do we really take the time to stop and think about what that means? Here at Healing Harbors, we think it means to make every day count by making every day a little lighter, a little brighter, and a little happier — spreading your love and positivity every way, and everywhere, you can. Not every expression of love has to be a big one. You can spread love in small ways every day — from your loved ones to strangers, there are so many opportunities to put your loving energy into the world. 

Just imagine if everyone took time each day to put love and positivity out into the world…imagine what that would look like and feel like to experience. It’s a wonderful thought, but it can also seem overwhelming to actually put love into practice and expect real change. But isn’t it worth a shot? Hasn’t someone deciding to say “Yes” to giving the world their best impacted you positively at some point along the way? We truly believe that if we all work a little harder at taking small moments to do beautiful things, then together we can and will build a more beautiful world for us all. Here are a few tips for simple ways to spread more love and positivity into the world around you. 

Giving is better than receiving. Surprising a loved one, coworker, or even a stranger quickly spreads happiness to the receiver — and warms your own heart as well. We are all familiar with the concept of “paying it forward” and how heartwarming it can be to see these stories around us. So, surprise a friend with flowers, pay a compliment to a coworker, pay for the order behind you on your morning coffee run. Surprise your partner with a soothing body massage at the end of a long day — simple and loving gestures can be the most surprising way to spread love. Small gestures will make the world a better place, and your heart a happier one. 

Everyday Heroes exist. Sometimes the smallest gesture can quite literally change someone’s life. A hot meal, a kind word, donated time — we all can be a hero to someone around us. Look for those in need around you and be a hero in everyday clothing. If we all look out for each other and lend a hand to those in need, the world would be so full of love because we would all feel seen. We all have a superhero cape at our disposal, so take an opportunity soon to make your move.

Kind words last longer. Spread positive thoughts and loving words, because they will make a much bigger impact on this world than negative ones. Saying a kind word to someone could change their entire day. How amazing it is to be the light in someone’s rough day? You never know when the kind words of someone will warm your own heart. You never know what someone is going through, and it takes nothing to be kind. 

We all have skills to share. We all have our unique abilities and skills that we can share with the world. Appreciate and love what makes you special and share it with those around you. Take the time to appreciate and love what makes them special as well. We truly are designed to complement each other, and when we interact with love, appreciation, and positivity with those around us, we make the world a more beautiful and accepting place to be. 

Happiness is contagious. Smile at a stranger, share a joke with a coworker, leave a little note in your child’s lunchbox. Spreading happiness is truly as simple as being happy. A smile will infect everyone around it. Sometime’s practicing happiness is the easiest way to put positivity out into the world around you. 

Our minds are powerful things. The easiest way to spread love and positivity? Fill your mind with loving thoughts and positive mantras and it will radiate outwards. Our minds and our inner self talk are powerful things and they can influence the way we see the world around us, and how we interact with that world. Our thoughts will radiate into our spoken words, our actions, and how we live. Choose those thoughts with love and positivity in mind. 

Sometimes the best support is a listening ear. It can be easy to share words of advice or opinion. It is often harder to just provide a listening ear, but it is a powerful way to be a positive and loving force for a loved one in need. Giving someone your full attention and allowing them to be at the center can be a rewarding and loving experience for you both. We gain such a better understanding of one another if we take the time to listen with love and react with positivity. 

Love begins within. Taking time to love yourself and care for yourself will allow you to properly love and care for others. Take time every day to enjoy your life, do things that bring you happiness, and care for your body and mind. Use self-love, positivity, and CBD to melt away your stress. We encourage you to do something daily to love yourself a little more — whether you take the time to soak away your stress with one of our fizzy bath bombs, or cook your favorite meal with a friend — whatever you do, do it for you so you can be your best to spread your love and positivity out into the world every day.