Self-care means different things to different people. It can pull up pictures in our minds of indulgent spa days, expensive trips, or something only those with less responsibility and more money can afford to do. And while those things can definitely qualify as self-care to those who enjoy them, they also lend to the idea that pampering is the only way to love yourself or to bring a balance to your life. Unfortunately, this is often due to the fact that the self-care message is used as a sales tactic to push things onto women we don’t necessarily need. Oftentimes, this makes true self-care feel selfish, indulgent, and wrong. But Healing Harbors believes it is time to change the stigma on self-care. It is time we view self-care for what it truly is — taking care of your body, mind, and soul for optimal health, happiness, and wellness.

An important first step of self-care is taking the time to look within and decide what your own unique needs and wants are. Taking the time to identify what will serve you best in your self-care journey and what steps to take to begin to put yourself and your needs first is vital to reaching a balanced self-care practice. Women tend to take on caretaker roles, always putting everyone around us ahead of ourselves, which makes self-care particularly difficult for women. It is vital for our overall health, happiness, and wellness to care for our body, our mind, and our spiritual selves before we care for others. This will take some getting used to, but if you start small and attempt to take steps daily to work it into your routine, it can quickly become a regular practice. 

Long term stress combined with poor self-care is the root cause of a variety of health concerns, emotional struggles, and exhaustion for women. Stress can cause weight gain, poor sleep, poor health and lowers our body’s immune response. Stress can affect our emotional stability, and our ability to cope with the day to day workloads of life. Oftentimes, our reaction to this stress is to continue to make choices that affect our overall health and wellness, such as poor eating habits, alcohol, and distraction from truly enjoying our lives. 

Adding in daily self-care is easier than you think. Listen to your body daily and it will tell you what you need. Adding a daily support regimen from CBD can be a wonderful way to see both body and mind benefits and to assist our body systems in regaining a balance desperately needed from our lack of daily self-care. Take time each day to invite calm and peace into your day, in whatever way this is achieved by your own personal preferences. Walk outside in nature, get your hands dirty in soil, meditate, listen to your music, there is no one right way to promote your own inner peace. Use one of our peace promoting CBD & Essential Oil Rollers daily to invite more calmness into your day. Drink more water, hydration is an important piece of wellness and health. A hydrated body will operate at peak performance. Eat foods good for your body and mind. Aim for fresh foods with every meal. Try and get more sleep, as sleep is such a restorative biological function. You may find that a CBD tincture can be especially helpful for chronic sleep troubles. 

It is vitally important that we treat our bodies and minds with love and respect and daily doses of self-care. If you find yourself unable to begin a self-care journey strictly for yourself, find another motivation to help you begin the journey and soon you will discover you are worth it. Think of providing motivation to your friends and family around you with the new daily self-care steps you are adding to your life. Think of the energy and productivity you are adding to your workday. Think of being the best version of yourself so you can achieve all that you dream to do. Practice love and care for yourself before you try to love and care for others. The world needs you well because when you feel your best, you can keep giving your best to those around you!